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Have you heard of communicating washrooms?

Can you imagine a day when everything goes perfectly? You get a cup of coffee just when you sit down to a breakfast table or it stops raining just the second you step outside. 

Our team of true innovators is constantly working on ensuring perfect days for our customers. Now you are probably wondering what this has to do with communicating washrooms. The answer is quite simple: we work to create intelligent washrooms – washrooms that communicate if the hand towel roll is about to end or if there isn’t enough toilet paper available. In the end, these are quite crucial things for many of us. 

But how do we make it happen? Our secret lies in a cool sensor technology with help of which our hand towel dispensers are connected to internet. 

To give you an example; for instance, if you represent a cleaning company, your cleaners get a message to their mobile phone in case the hand towel roll is about to end so they know which toilets need cleaning. This means that you can say goodbye to dirty washrooms and unnecessary inspection rounds. 

In the infographic below, we have gathered seven reasons to choose smart washroom: