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The Olympic Stadium improved the customer experience while minimising the amount of waste

In August 2020, the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki, Finland was reopened after being refurbished. It is Finland’s biggest arena to hold events, and it aims to provide its visitors with the best possible customer experience. Additionally, its goal is to become fully carbon-neutral by 2025. Lindström is helping the Olympic Stadium achieve both of its goals.

The stands of the Olympic Stadium can seat up to 36,200 people and concerts can have as many as 50,000 viewers. The total gross area for the facilities is 40,720 m2, which means that intelligent hygiene solutions are a must to ensure a good customer experience.

Thanks to its long history and central location, the Olympic Stadium is setting a very prominent example in terms of sustainable development. For more than a year, it has already been carbon-neutral in terms of electricity and district heating.

– We are a very demanding partner due to our size and the environmental goals we have. Therefore, we demand a lot from our partners, and Lindström has lived up to our standards, states Ari Kuokkanen, the Director of the Olympic Stadium.

Better customer experience and less waste

Ari Kuokkanen, the Director of the Olympic Stadium

There are over 500 toilets located around the stadium. Lindström has equipped each one with smart hygienic solutions including cotton towel and toilet paper dispensers that have intelligent sensors.

– We have over 900 sensors that alarm our staff immediately if a dispenser is running out of hand towel or toilet paper. This enables us to react to that immediately to ensure our customers get a spot-on customer experience, Kuokkanen explains.

Additionally, Lindström enables the stadium to minimize the amount of waste produced. Our hand towels can be reused up to 100 times after which they are repurposed.

– We have been able to eliminate the amount of hygienic waste. This is at the very core of sustainable development and protecting our environment, Kuokkanen explains.

Personal service at the core of cooperation

The Olympic Stadium and Lindström work in unison which Kuokkanen values greatly.

– People work with people. I personally appreciate that Lindström’s personnel really invest a lot into our collaboration. We are able to come up with new ideas by working interactively with one another, he concludes.

Overall, Kuokkanen is happy with the level of customer service and the advanced technology they have access to thanks to the collaboration.

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