Lindström continues its service globalisation: new subsidiary in South Korea

The textile service group Lindström has established a new subsidiary in South Korea. The aim is to launch workwear services there during this year. South Korea is Lindström’s 24th operating country.

“The South Korean market offers us fantastic growth potential. We will offer our workwear service to both industrial and service sector customers,” says Lindström Group President & CEO Juha Laurio.

South Korea offers many opportunities for international companies. “In addition to a developed economy, the country’s strengths also include a highly educated workforce.”

Lindström will open a new service centre in the vicinity of the South Korean capital, Seoul. The aim is to launch workwear services there during this year. Lindström is the first company to offer workwear rental service in South Korea.

Service export with a long view

Lindström currently offers textile services to companies in 24 countries, including South Korea. The company’s vision target is to operate in 25 countries by the end of 2016.

“In accordance with our growth strategy, we will bring our service to markets where workwear rental is still an unfamiliar concept. With the help of our conceptualised service, we can launch operations on a new market in a very agile way,” says Laurio.

Lindström’s service export is based on perseverance. “We are not looking for quick wins. For example, when we started in India in 2007, they did not know anything about workwear rental. We have since managed to increase awareness of our service, and our annual growth rate in India is 40–50%.”

Lindström is also investing in Finland. Recently, the company has opened a workwear laundry in Nurmo, a restaurant textile laundry in Vantaa and a hotel textile laundry in Sodankylä. In Finland, Lindström employs approximately 1,500 people and serves customers at over 20 units.

Lindström provides clothes for over one million people daily worldwide. An increasing share of the company’s turnover comes from international operations.

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