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Hygienic workwear – what is hiding in your clothes?

Clean and hygienic workwear 

We all know coughs and sneezes spread diseases, but did you know hygienic workwear is also an efficient way to stop germs and infectious viruses? 

Germs are everywhere. They are on our skin, inside our stomach, on our mobile phone, kitchen surface, the lot. Most of the time, germs are nothing to worry about, as many of them are harmless. The expression ‘out of sight, out of mind’ comes to mind. In fact, some germs can even be beneficial for you. Unfortunately, some germs are really bad and can lead to serious illness – and they may be spread through your work uniform. 

Basic hygiene measures can help reduce bacteria, germs and other hidden nasties. Simple steps like washing your hands after going to the toilet, wiping down desks and regularly washing your clothes will all have a positive effect on keeping germs at bay. However, some staff in high-risk industries will require an effective hygienic laundry system for their work clothes in order to eliminate the most potentially dangerous germs, keeping them, their clients and their business safe. 

Clean does not equal hygienic 

A recent survey found 93% of people considered their workwear clean after being washed. It is a common misconception that clean equals hygienic. Home washing or a regular laundry service rarely meet the hygienic standards of many industries. Cleaning only removes visible dirt, which is the norm for home washing. Hygienic cleaning also eliminates invisible dirt, bacteria, and other pathogens. For most industries, home washing or a regular laundry service simply isn’t enough to meet the industrial and legal requirements. Therefore it imposes a risk for both employees as well as employers, who bear responsibility for product safety. 

That’s why Lindström provides the most cost-effective and hygienic workwear laundry solution available today. Our unbeatable workwear and laundry service ensures your staff will always have access to a selection of hygienic work clothes. 

Washing with high hygiene standards 

At Lindström, we wash all workwear with high hygiene standards separately in their own machines. We also ensure we use sufficiently high washing temperatures and disinfecting washing chemicals to remove all pathogens from the garments. Our hygienic uniforms are then packed separately to ensure the clothes will not be contaminated in transit. They will then be stored in personal lockers for your staff to wear. 

There are numerous benefits of using our workwear and laundry service. Not only can you be guaranteed access to a range of hygienic work clothes, but you can also rest in the knowledge that the clothes meet all the latest health and safety regulations. At the same time, the clothes also look smart and the service is environmentally friendly. 

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