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The journey of workwear

Let us tell you how workwear comes to life: from the design phase to the moment we creatively reuse or repurpose it. This simple process shows our passion and commitment to making every day perfect.

We understand that you don’t want to put on overalls that you don’t like. That’s why we make them with the end-user in mind. All modifications, even minor visual changes, are thoughtfully made after careful discussions with our customers. Only when we know everything is perfect, do we take the next step. 

Manufacturing is where most of the magic happens. We carefully select materials from proven suppliers. Then, every cut and stitch is executed with care to not only make your overalls fit, but also to reduce potential waste. 

This precision also extends to the pickup and delivery of your overalls. Both are handled at the same time, and routes are carefully planned, thus minimising vehicle emissions. 

Take a look at the overalls you are wearing. They were made especially for you and your specific work conditions – no matter how extreme they may be. With every move you make, you need to feel they are comfortable and practical. And they have to look good as well. When the overalls no longer fit your needs, they can be used in some other work task to maximise their life cycle. 

We do our best to make your overalls durable. In spite of this, a lot can happen to them during a workday. The state of your overalls should not be your concern, so just drop them off after work. We’ll inspect them and make any needed repairs – and always have a pair ready for you when you come back to work. 

However, there will come a day when there’s nothing more we can do for your overalls. But even then, their job is not over. They will be recycled or upcycled to create something completely new. We can even use them as insulation material. Whatever happens, we do our best to make their journey a full circle. We hope you are proud of your role in creating a zero-waste future. 

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