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Plastic bottles under your feet make children happy

Our new ECO Design mats, made out of plastic bottles, provide the perfect platform for kindergartens. 

Softer mats mean happier faces. New ECO Design mats are not just helping to save the planet. The longer yarn produces softer mats, which makes them perfect to put under small children’s feet. Kindergartens can now have floors covered in a safe way while providing a more sustainable option for the planet as well. Play areas have never looked and felt so good before.

The color range is wide and new, providing colorful and fresh options for customers with 66 available colors. Especially very vibrant colors are available, perfectly suitable for kindergartens, bringing happiness through colors. The softer mats are also a tempting choice for hotels, restaurants, stores, and office premises, where comfort is critical for employees’ wellbeing.

Bottles at your feet

So what is this talk about using plastic bottles? Plastic waste has been horrifying people for years now, and we here at Lindström with our partners are coming up with solutions left and right. Used plastic bottles, instead of being discarded, are being used for the production of the ECO Design mats.

Half of the yarn is made out of recycled plastic bottles, which means 32 plastic bottles are used for one square meter of a mat. Next time you recycle your plastic bottles, think about where they end up. To your office maybe?

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