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New clothes while saving the planet? Yes please!

Lindström and TAUKO Design join forces in order to create fashion from leftover fabrics. Lindström and TAUKO Design have started a favorable cooperation for everyone. The Finnish sustainable fashion brand will use Lindström’s surplus textiles and make new garments from them.  

Worry about the fashion industry and fabric waste has increased during recent years. Fast fashion is by no means slowing down, creating more and more clothes with worse quality. A big portion ends up in the trash, with the need to create new clothes fast in order to replace the old.

We here at Lindström want to change this scenery as much as we can with our own actions. A new partnership with TAUKO Design will create new fashionable clothing made from leftover fabrics. The Finnish design brand, founded in 2008, uses local recycled textiles for fashion production. When you step inside their flagship store in Helsinki, you can’t help but be in awe of the beauty. Who could have imagined, that such fashionable and high-quality clothes can be made from recycled textiles?

Shared values

Lindström will supply TAUKO Design with fabrics, which in turn will design and make the new pieces of clothing. The whole lifecycle of the fabric will be thought of from the beginning to the end, also spreading the philosophy of slow fashion.

“The collaboration started naturally and in unison. Lindström contacted us first, but we had thought about it before and would have contacted them eventually. Working together has been easy since we share the same values of circular economy and sustainability”, tells Kaisa Rissanen, designer, and co-founder of TAUKO Design.

“We do not compromise on ethics or aesthetics, and always move forward with the terms of the clothes. In a perfect world the source for the material, production, and end-user would be physically as close to each other as possible”, explains Rissanen.

Future innovations

Pictures © Laura Oja / TAUKO ​

Already products have been made. Canvas bags made from Lindström’s protective workwear textiles were given at a Gullkrona harbor opening event as gift bags, and are now sold at the location. All the proceeds went for the Baltic Sea Action Group, which aims to restore the good ecological balance of the Baltic Sea. A woman’s coat, trousers, and a skirt have been designed as well and will be shown in the winter collection at Berlin fashion week. ​​

Richa Asthana