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Linnanmäki: Amusement park-worthy workwear

Linnanmäki in Helsinki, Finland represents a traditional amusement park with the aim of creating unique experiences for its customers. Linnanmäki believes that engaged and enthusiastic employees are ready to invest in exceeding the visitors’ expectations every day. Lindström has a share in promoting well-being at work, providing comfortable and colourful work clothes for Linnanmäki’s employees. 

Workwear represents the working culture of Linnanmäki and the uniform makes all employees recognisable. For the customers, this means recognisability at first glance, thus creating a safe and professional feeling. Even the smallest children in the family will immediately recognise who they can ask for help. The whole family can enjoy peace of mind in their visit to the amusement park. 

“Every year, about half of the 650 Linnanmäki seasonal employees work for the first time at Linnanmäki. Unified workwear helps identify colleagues and create togetherness,” notes Elina Örthen, Human Resources Director at Linnanmäki. 

Workwear designed together with the personnel at Linnanmäki Amusement Park 

In accordance with Linnanmäki’s culture of working and having fun together, the new workwear was designed in close cooperation with Linnanmäki personnel. When designing the garments, it was considered important that they be suited for diverse tasks. They should fit for “Masters of Fun” of different sizes, and additionally they should be fashionable. 

Workwear is regularly discussed with personnel, which provides a great basis for developing the clothing with Lindström. The workwear range has been expanded with the personnel’s wishes in mind as Linnanmäki’s season has become longer. This ensures that the personnel have warm clothes in the beginning and end of the season. There are also waterproof clothes for rainy weather, and t-shirts and headgear that provide protection from the sun in the summer. 

“Lindström takes our needs into account and always aims to find ways to solve our problems,” says Elina Örthen. 

Child welfare work is supported while having fun 

Over one million customers visit the amusement park every year. The intention is to have fun and thrills together with their friends and loved ones. By having fun at the park, the customers of Linnanmäki also support child welfare work. For decades, the Children’s Day Foundation has maintained and developed the Linnanmäki Amusement Park, established in 1950, in order to collect funds for child welfare work. In 2017, the foundation donated EUR 4.5 million to child welfare work, the largest donation in its history. 

‘Our mission is to collect funds for child welfare work. It also helps us to invest in a strong value base. We always want to operate responsibly, play on the same team with all of our interest groups, develop our operations passionately and work as Masters of Fun for the joy of our customers. We demand the same things from our partners as we do from ourselves. That is, ethical operations and fairness,’ shares Pia Adlivankin, Managing Director of Linnanmäki. 

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