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Lindström opened the most ecological wiper laundry on the UK market

In late 2020, we took one more step towards our strategic target of being the most sustainable company in our industry by 2025. By taking into use our new world-class laundry in Bradford, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, we can guarantee the most sustainable and ecologically friendly wiper service on the market.

World-class sustainable technology is unique on the market

The effluent plant technology attached to the laundry is unique on the UK market and enables us to operate without discharging any wastewater. The plant recovers and removes solvents and inks from the effluent, and these will be used as fuel elsewhere, for example, in cement works. Our process also includes energy recovery and measures to decrease solvent emissions. “Our employees have been delighted with the increased automatisation and improved air-conditioning, which have significantly improved their working conditions,” shares Peter Jones, the Managing Director of Lindström UK.

Improved laundry capacity decreases carbon footprint of transportation

Our industrial wipers are made from recycled cotton and can be recycled 12 times prior to their becoming waste. This achievement allows us to reduce waste by 90% compared to single-use disposable products and it plays a crucial role in attaining a modest carbon footprint compared to disposable wiper solutions.

However, until last year, more than half of all industrial wipers were exported outside the UK for laundering. Furthermore, prior to ramping up our new laundry, nearly one-third of our wipers were recycled outside the country. The new facility allows us to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of our operations, “We have calculated that the CO₂ savings strictly from transportation are as much as 100 tons yearly,” notes Jones.

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