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Lindström Prodem will increase its production capacity by 20% next year with the expansion of the production plant

Investment expands the factory in Tukums, Latvia by 863 m2. It is projected to catapult the facility’s production capacity by an average of 15-20% in the upcoming year. The facility employs 150 employees, which is expected to increase to 160 after the expansion.  

The Prodem facility in Latvia started its operations in 2017 being the first of its kind. It is well located to serve the company’s Northern European customers. “Tukums is a great city to invest in due to its location and business-friendliness. We also have really professional personnel throughout the entire organisation,” notes Juha Laurio, CEO of the Lindström Group.  

The factory operates according to production-on-demand principles from which its name, Prodem, is derived. It was developed to meet even small-scale customer needs with the shortest lead time. At the same time, it helps to keep the stock levels low, eliminating the risk of stored textiles becoming obsolete. 

“The increase in production capacity is an important strategic project that allows us to improve our performance and serve our customers better”, Ivars Šmits, the Managing Director of Lindström Latvia.

The project encompasses not only the amplification of production space but a complete enhancement of the working environment. Besides the expanded and upgraded warehouse and production spaces, the revamp extends to the employee realm with new kitchens, rejuvenated rest areas, and wellness spaces, all of which foster an environment where productivity meets well-being.  

“This project improves the wellbeing of our employees and is an important milestone that demonstrates Lindström’s commitment to sustainable development and circularity, especially regarding waste sorting and recycling. For example, when we installed the new cutting machine, we wanted to make sure that the proper sorting of the generated waste was well planned,” adds Gusts Dzenis, the Managing Director of Prodem Latvia.   

About Prodem

Prodem is a customer-focused textile manufacturing facility created to meet the constantly changing demands of customers. The primary objective of Prodem is to stay close to customers, be responsive to their requirements, and efficiently produce new, additional, or replacement workwear orders. Lindström has Prodem facilities in Latvia, Hungary, and India. 

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