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In conversation with Kristina Niman

Kristina Niman works as the head of Fast Track for Estonia. Account management and sales are part of her responsibilities, with account representatives, sales managers, and sales representatives as part of her team.

“I love helping customers and I wanted to see the complete process”

When Kristina Niman first joined Lindström back in 2017, she was working as a sales representative. Quickly, the opportunity arose to become an account representative. She puts it as: “the glue between Lindström and the customers”. After a while, she escalated to sales manager, which brought new challenges and a range of new responsibilities with it. The new position worked out even better than she would have thought, and her team of sales reps flourished. She also got supervisory duties over the telemarketing and account representatives.

Kristina Niman at Lindström

A positive environment is everything

“I love the fact that we have clear values and mission”

Niman makes sure that everyone in her team knows what they are doing and what their mission, purpose, and direction are. Working at Lindström is not just a serious work environment. It is rather a place where people can be themselves and enjoy their work. She points out that the company provides people with diverse training and opportunities to grow in their jobs. When you feel like doing something new, you only have to ask.

I have never seen such passionate and dedicated people as I have at Lindström.

According to Niman, people are enthusiastic and have a positive mindset, which makes the biggest difference and inspires her to be a better co-worker and a person herself. Her work allows her continually to learn new things and improve her own skills. In teamwork, she considers clear and transparent communication to play a key role.

“As a manager, accountability is very important and Lindström pushes us to take ownership of our work and actions”

Work-life balance

“At Lindström, people trust you and it is okay to make mistakes and learn from them. Making mistakes is part of the job and being a human being. Trust is also a key factor when giving feedback, which will be received differently without trust. The atmosphere is based on trust and respect. I am passionate about my job, and it motivates me to be better every day.”

“We shine, we grow”

Niman always considers how people are treated and how they might feel. She wants to ensure that all employees feel that they are treated equally, and well and are a part of the Lindström family. One of the key topics for her at Lindström is that the company is serious about its responsibilities to the planet. A green and responsible way of working is part of the company and its mission, and Niman wants to do her part to help with this.

“Your heart should be in the right place”

“If you are a hard worker, have a great mindset and a good sense of humour, Lindström is the place for you. Being humble in a good way and being trustworthy will get you far. There is a good work-life balance at the company but as a manager, it’s easy to bring your work home with you – but everything should be done in moderation, even if working is fun.”


Who: Kristina Niman
Role at Lindström: Head of Fast Track for Estonia
Location: Pärnu, Estonia
Outside of Office: In her free time, Niman enjoys going on hikes or walks and doing motocross. It helps to balance her personal and working life while getting fresh air. During the winter months, she enjoys indoor activities.

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