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Green electricity will reduce Finnish carbon dioxide emissions with more than 4000 tonnes

The transition to green electricity generated from renewable energy sources is part of our strategic sustainability goals. The contract on renewable energy with the energy company Väre will pertain to Lindström’s Finnish operations, and will reduce the carbon dioxide emissions caused by electricity procurement to zero in Finland. 

“For us, responsibility is about the wise use of natural resources: we repair, recycle, and take good care of textiles so that their life-cycle is as long as possible. In terms of sustainable development, we are taking measures on a broad front: examples include the transition to green electricity and the 100% recyclability target for textiles by 2025”, says Pasi Saarinen, Country Manager at Lindström. – “With environmentally friendly solutions, we will also help our customers grow responsibly”. 

The procurement of green electricity is a significant step in environmental responsibility, as the total annual electricity consumption of Lindström’s Finnish operations is approximately 17,000 megawatt hours. With green electricity, Lindström will reduce its CO2 emissions in Finland by more than 4,000,000 kg, which equals 26% lower carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation for the entire Lindström Group. At the same time, the Group’s total emissions will be reduced by more than 7%. 

“Four million kilos is a significant reduction in our carbon footprint. Green electricity is a fast and cost-effective way for us to reliably cut the carbon dioxide emissions of our operations. As a responsible actor, we want to promote the health of the environment through sustainable energy procurement”, Saarinen sums up. 

Responsibility and sustainable development are becoming an increasingly important factor in business operations, and this is also reflected in the rapidly growing demand for renewable energy sources at Väre. 

“Over the past year, the demand for our energy efficiency services has increased considerably. Our client companies are actively looking for solutions to reduce both energy costs and carbon dioxide emissions. Green electricity is an excellent place to start,” says Tommi Riikonen, Sales Director at Väre. 

28,000,000 loads of coloured laundry

The impact of green electricity in reducing the carbon footprint is easier to understand by means of a concrete example: a reduction of 4 million kilos of CO2 emissions with green electricity would equal approximately 28 million loads of coloured laundry. At the pace of three washes a week, you could do laundry for 179,500 years. 

Threads reshaped for a net-zero future
Visualize a world where the life cycle of our textiles, from maintenance to washing, runs on clean, renewable energy and transportation is powered by electric and hydrogen technologies. Lindström is among the pioneers in the textile industry, whose climate targets have been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative.
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