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Finland’s largest, state-of-the-art service centre for hotel textiles opens in Vantaa

Lindström’s subsidiary Comforta has completed the expansion of its hotel textile service centre in Koivuhaka, Vantaa. The centre not only boasts the highest capacity in Finland but also demonstrates cutting-edge technology that makes it the most advanced facility of its kind. The primary goal of the expansion is to help Comforta respond to the increasing demands of the hotel industry in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

The newly established service centre in Koivuhaka will have the capacity to maintain textiles for as many as three million overnight stays annually. The service centre makes use of innovative technology, never before seen in Finland. It enhances heat recovery and energy efficiency, consequently reducing the centre’s environmental impact. The energy efficiency of the new unit is approximately 15 per cent higher than the average energy efficiency of Comforta’s other units. Following the increase in capacity, Comforta is expecting to hire twenty new textile care workers. 

“We’ve managed to regain our footing after the tourism industry was hit hard by the coronavirus. The tourism market has clearly recovered, and the demand for hotel textiles services is increasing as a consequence. The Helsinki metropolitan area is witnessing several ongoing hotel projects even as we speak,” says Jussi Leskinen, COO at Comforta.

With the expansion, the Koivuhaka service centre will also receive technology upgrades.

“Koivuhaka is already new and technologically advanced. However, now some innovative technology, previously unseen in Finland, is being introduced into the centre. This includes the implementation of process robotics and advancements in heat recovery and energy efficiency. These investments are key in driving forward a more sustainable future,” Leskinen says.

Lindström has always sought to keep services close to its customers and aimed to make investments where the customers are located.

“We consider it our environmental responsibility to ensure that transport distances are kept as short as possible. We want to operate and create employment opportunities close to our customer base,” Leskinen says.

Lindström’s operations in the Koivuhaka area also include units specialising in restaurant textiles and workwear maintenance. The Koivuhaka project represents the largest investment of 2023 for Lindström Group, which currently operates internationally in 23 countries.

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Jussi Leskinen
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