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Working with customers and partners

 We provide services to over 237,000 customers. Our customers range across industries, from large multinational groups and chains to small single-entrepreneur companies. We believe that working together and emphasising continuous development are the only ways to succeed and face future challenges. Together with our suppliers and subcontractors, we have created a series of networks for co-operation, which enable us to provide our customers with even better services—and promote sustainable development. 

Phenomenal customer satisfaction 

We promote a broad dialogue with our customers with a range of different strategies and in various formats. We collect customer feedback with five tailored Voice of Customer surveys at various stages of the customer journey—in real time and from all operating countries. The CX Index measures the quality of our interactions and collaboration with customers as well as the ease of implementation of services and products. The NPS scores are also calculated based on our Voice of Customer surveys and describe our customers’ willingness to recommend our services. 

Developing our offering through co-operation

Our product and service offering is strongly customer-oriented, and we have established unique ways of achieving a high level of collaboration in developing our products and services. As part of the Lindström Lounge concept, we set up innovation-focused workshops where we scan future business opportunities together with our customers and identify ideas for new services and products. The concept was first implemented in Finland and has since then expanded to several other countries. In 2021, we launched industry-specific advisory boards in which we invite industry experts to hold open discussions with our own experts. The first two advisory boards were held during 2021 and represented the Food and Pharma industries. 

Involving suppliers in development

Our supplier network is extensive, and our partners represent a vast spectrum of industries from raw material suppliers and subcontracting laundries to suppliers of recycling and IT services. To improve co-operation within our extensive and global supplier network, we launched the Voice of Partner Index in 2021.

The responsibility of our supply chain is of great importance to us, and we set clear standards for our suppliers for upholding responsibility in the chain of operations. Co-operation is guided with our Code of Conduct, we have also strived to nurture long and stable supplier relationships. We have systems in place for managing and evaluating supplier-related risks. 

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