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Customers share ideas at the Lindström Lounge

Our ‘Passion to improve’ is not limited to Lindströmers, as we connect with our customers and develop topics related to professional improvement with them as well. In Autumn 2019, Lindström launched a new kind of concept for its customers that was designed to develop innovations together. The result – Lindström Lounge – is the industry’s first innovation community where ideas are developed across industry boundaries in innovation workshops together with customers.

Lindström Lounge is about inviting our key customers to participate in solving their challenges and developing future processes, services and products through joint planning and data analysis. The results of this shared effort are collected, allowing us to produce a completely unique view of future challenges and opportunities, which we then share among Lounge members.

For us, the Lindström Lounge is a step towards a data-driven future and is part of the continuous development of how we work together with our customers ever more effectively. It is clear to us that such community thinking and innovation initiatives will be reflected in the quality of our customers’ experience in both the short and long term. In 2020, the Lindström Lounge concept was developed further, and the aim is to introduce the concept globally in 2021.

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