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Cross-ordering gives new life to textiles

The return of one of our garments from a customer is a normal part of our products’ service life cycle. A customer’s employee may have changed roles, the summer working season may have ended, some customers’ requirements for a type of garment may have changed, or our contract with a customer may have ended. Many of these returned garments still meet our strict quality standards and can be given a new life by assigning them to another employee of either the same or a different customer. 

Cross-ordering is one of our key internal processes. It supports maximising the use of our garments presently in service by sharing them amongst our laundries, even those from different business units or countries. During 2020, we transferred more than 230,000 garments between our laundries via our cross-ordering process, and a systematic implementation of the process was extended to include several of our European subsidiaries. The cross-ordering process continues to be actively developed to further leverage its measurable benefits in efficiency and sustainability. 

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