Workwear for Dr. Max pharmacies

Tailored to the customer, made to last, and designed for comfort and confidence. Our collaboration with Dr. Max pharmacies goes back a whole decade. 

The Dr. Max pharmacy chain employs around 2500 pharmacists and pharmaceutical assistants. Dr. Max pharmacies in the Czech Republic are part of a pan-European project; pharmacies of the same name also serve patients in Slovakia and Poland. In 2017, acquisitions also took place in Romania and Serbia. Other Dr. Max pharmacies also opened in Italy. 

Project assignment

In 2013, Dr. Max pharmacies were not satisfied with the washing quality of workwear in several regional laundries and were searching for a professional partner to provide comprehensive and high-quality services. 

From the beginning, it was a project aimed at tailoring the service to the customer. 

Together we selected the most suitable fabrics and agreed on the design of the clothes. In 2015, fashion designer Beata Rajská became the patron of the project and personally tried on most of the designs. 

“I could not endorse something that I had only seen briefly on paper. It wasn’t enough for me to just touch the items, I wanted to have the authentic feeling of those who will eventually wear the collection”, the designer explains.

Results of the project

  • We created a unique collection of tailor-made clothing. Elegant white clothes have always belonged to the pharmacy industry, and the colourful elements sufficiently distinguish employees of Dr. Max pharmacies. 
  • By working together with the designer Beáta Rajská, we added prestige and hallmarks of haute couture to work clothes. Pharmacy employees feel special and confident in them.  
  • The materials used are durable and suitable for working in a hygienically clean environment. They are comfortable and have an elegant cut. 
  • After three years of collaboration, we added work uniforms for the Dr. Max dermatologist to the original collection. 

Summary of the collaboration with Dr. Max pharmacies

  • More than 2500 employees now wear Dr. Max branded workwear, provided by Lindström. 
  • Each Dr. Max pharmacy employee has tailored workwear with an embroidered logo and their nametag. 
  • Each Dr. Max pharmacy employee has an average of 16 pieces of workwear so that they can be sure that they will always have clean clothes in their wardrobe to change into. 
  • We collected soiled workwear from Dr. Max branches every day. 
  • We wash and maintain workwear for more than 400 pharmacies. 

“Dressing healthcare professionals simply means meeting even the most demanding requirements. We appreciate the professionalism of our employees, we value their work, and it is good that we can underline their authority in this way. After all, I am also a pharmacist. I know how demanding this job is and how important comfort is. Today, I am sure that our employees are as comfortable as possible”, says David Mendl, Operations Director at Dr. Max pharmacies.