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Veho: Comprehensive service covering all needs and areas

Veho Group Oy Ab is one of the largest operators in Finland in the automotive sector. Veho is a Finnish family-owned company that has operations in Finland, Sweden and the Baltic region. Veho’s core business includes the import, sales, service and rental of cars and commercial vehicles. 

Overall image is a key factor at Veho

Veho has further streamlined the operations of the Group in order to provide the best possible customer experience. A unified, tidy and functional work outfit is an essential part of what customers of the service and sales department experience when visiting the Veho showrooms. Professionalism and corporate image come across to the customer when the workwear and facilities are tidy and in line with Veho’s brand. 

Efficient solution for special challenges of the automotive industry 

Veho Group Oy Ab and Lindström have collaborated for decades. The partnership covers almost all group operations in Finland. The overall solution includes almost all of Lindström’s services

Veho’s workwear must respond to the many special challenges of the automotive industry. For example, press studs and buttons can’t be on display due to the possible risk of scratching vehicle paintwork. On the other hand, workwear must be elastic to accommodate difficult working positions and conditions. Additionally, it must protect employees against dust and chemicals. The timely delivery of workwear and optimised workwear quotas are extremely important for smooth operations and cost-efficiency. 

Veho’s locations also have design mats. They highlight the fresh look of the company as soon as the customer steps inside the door. Alongside the design mats, mats from the standard collection improve the stopping of dirt, thus also reducing cleaning costs. 

Shop towels are used to efficiently wipe oil and dirt away from parts being fixed in connection with services. Any residue oil remaining on the towels will be appropriately treated at a waste treatment plant. The employees and customers can take care of hand hygiene and cleanliness using the cotton towel dispensers and soaps of Lindström’s Hygiene Services. 

Reliably functioning and comprehensive continuous service is an effortless and efficient solution for a large group. This ensures that employees can fully focus on their work in order to ensure a great customer experience. 

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