Working with so many interesting and qualified people inside and outside the company is enriching.

Theo Slegt

Senior Vice President, Operation and Supply Chain
Areas of expertise
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In the General Management Team, Theo Slegt is responsible for Lindström’s operational excellence, procurement and supply chain, quality, and compliance, as well as the company’s investment portfolio. “I am very practical and project-oriented. I like seeing things move forward and achieve concrete targets and goals. You could say that I’m very impatient”, Slegt says with a smile.

“The best part of looking back at a 35-year-long career, spanning across different companies and countries, is realizing that you can still learn and develop new insights every single day. I first joined Lindström more than a decade ago. Then, we were focusing on expanding to one new country per year. Today, the company is a much more mature and capable multinational company.

We have strong roots and presence in Finland, as well as operations around the world”. Slegt elaborates on the globalisation of the company. “In the past, most of our knowledge and expertise was concentrated in Finland. Solutions were developed and distributed to other countries to be implemented according to guidelines and instructions from the head office. However, as Lindström has grown and become more international, this approach has become less effective. There is a wealth of knowledge and ideas outside of Finland. We are working on incorporating those into our operations”.

World-spanning operations require a world-spanning supply chain. “We are on a net zero mission, and to succeed we need to make our operations more efficient and shorten our supply chain while taking into account other elements such as capacity utilization”. Lindström’s values are what originally spoke to Slegt. “I strongly believe in the values of Lindström, and I want to contribute to the journey of this company. We commit to continuous improvement and making a positive impact on the planet”.