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Mika Hartikainen

Senior Vice President, Southeast Europe
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Continuous opportunities to learn and grow have kept Mika Hartikainen in the Lindström system for the past 36 years. “I started off in Finland, where I held a variety of positions in sales, customer care, and production management.” When Lindström decided to cross the Baltic Sea and expand to Estonia, Hartikainen followed as the managing director. Later on, he led multiple international expansions and acquisitions. “It was amazing to start creating markets in countries that did not have this type of workwear or mat service at all.” 

Overseeing Lindström’s operations in Southeast Europe, Hartikainen works closely with local management. Together, they ensure that customer needs and promises are met, and that the company is developing its operations and meeting its growth targets. “One of my favourite parts of my work is being able to travel to meet customers and Lindströmers in our countries. I get to learn more about the different ways culture and history impacts business development and ways of doing and working”.

Sales management and customer visits continue to motivate and inspire Mika. “It came with experience, and I still appreciate the days I get to go out and meet customers. Old customers are great, but there is something very special about sitting down with a potential customer and getting to know what they want and what they are looking for”.

Mika Hartikainen looks back at an overall stable and interesting career in Lindström. “Today, I see it as my personal purpose and mission in Lindström to lead our highly motivated and winning teams to the best of my ability. To grow a profitable business, and make sure the people grow with it – all while making our planet more sustainable.”