Dare to start acting. Fail and learn. You will get stronger and achieve your goal.

Jari Vihervuori 

Senior Vice President Finland, the Baltics, and Ukraine 
Areas of expertise

Climbing the corporate ladder from internal post delivery boy to Senior Vice President – Jari Vihervuori never looked back after signing his contract with Lindström in 1987. “I have always been eager to learn from other people and curious about new experiences. I started in the post office, and went on to work in various positions at our laundry in Luumäki, from textile care work to deliveries, and eventually management-level positions.” 

In 1994, Vihervuori moved across the gulf to become an area sales manager in Estonia. “It was Lindström’s first time going abroad, and my first time in such a position.” Since then, responsibilities have varied from leading business units, to now managing the regions of Finland, the Baltics, and Ukraine on a management level. “As a leader, I hope that I am able to coach and support people to find their own way, to see the bigger picture, and learn while finding answers.”