Dare to start acting. Fail and learn. You will get stronger and achieve your goal.

Jari Vihervuori 

Senior Vice President Finland, the Baltics, and Ukraine, Managing Director of Comforta
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Climbing the corporate ladder from the laundry floor to Senior Vice President – Jari Vihervuori never looked back after signing his contract with Lindström in 1987. “I have always been eager to learn from other people and curious about new experiences. I held various positions at our laundry in Luumäki, from textile care work to deliveries, and eventually management level positions”.

“Throughout my time at Lindstrom, there have been numerous memorable experiences. From successfully expanding services in Baltic countries and securing contracts with renowned European and Finnish corporates to overcoming challenges and implementing new ways of working, each achievement and learning opportunity has contributed to my growth and development”. Vihervuori continues: “Today, a significant portion of my role involves engaging in meetings with different people on various topics. Anything related to specific projects, customer cases, operational matters, or tactical and strategic discussions,” Vihervuori explains. “Communication and collaboration are key aspects of my work. In a regular week, I interact with representatives from many different levels of the organisation. These are for instance sales and customer service managers, regional and country leaders, service owners, and production managers. All these interactions allow us to align our efforts and address both opportunities and challenges in an efficient way”.

In addition to his internal engagements, Jari Vihervuori makes sure to stay connected to Lindström’s customer base. “I regularly visit different business units and, interact with customers, and meet with local teams and clients. These conversations provide valuable insights into customer needs, market trends, and industry developments. At the end of the day, the most exciting aspects of my work are all related to finding solutions that make our customers’ lives easier”.

Over the past years and together with his son, Vihervuori has over the past years become an avid CrossFit enthusiast. “We wanted to try something new together,” he explains, adding: “CrossFit has a lot in common with business. It is all about pushing your own boundaries, stepping out of your comfort zone, and embracing continuous growth and learning. All in a supportive, engaging environment filled with team spirit”.