Patient perseverance produces pugilistic prodigies. I am patient by nature.

Anupam Chakrabarty

Senior Vice President Asia and Group Marketing, Sales, and Customer Engagement
Areas of expertise

The lines between work and free time are beyond blurry for Anupam Chakrabarty. They are non-existent. “One easily flows into the other, and that makes it all the more fun. Most of my everyday social relations have been gathered from different parts of my work life. I also try to find my way into people’s hearts through their stomach usually, using my culinary abilities, which also works as my stressbuster.” 

Since 2017, Chakrabarty has been wearing two hats at the same time: one with the title of SVP Asia, and the other one titled SVP Group Marketing, Sales, and Customer Engagement. He is an engineer by profession, and among other things, he spent a decade working for Shell before joining Lindström. “For me, one of the most important elements when choosing an employer is that the purpose of the organisation should be aligned with my purpose in life. I find that at Lindström. As a leader, I love to work with people and help them shine in their roles. As they develop and grow, so does the organisation.” 

He continues: “One of the most important traits of a good leader is to ensure that they surround themselves with people who possess far better skillsets and competencies. That is how you create a winning team!”