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#GoBlue – water as the base for children’s rights

The longstanding collaboration with UNICEF Finland is an important part of us, especially raising awareness of children’s rights. On November 20th it was the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and World Children’s Day.

We wanted to take part in celebrating this. Having access to water is self-evident for many of us, but there are still 420 million children living without basic sanitation and 210 million children lacking access to safe drinking water. Water, sanitation, and hygiene are essential for the realization of children’s rights to survival and development.

On November 19th we had an event held together with UNICEF Finland and Lindström Invest at the Head Office. The reason for this event was to raise awareness among all lindströmers about this collaboration, which is very close to our hearts. We deal with loads of water in our laundries every day, which is why supporting this basic right seems natural for us.

How access to water affects children was the main theme of the day. UNICEF Finland organized different actions in the lobby of our Head Office in Helsinki related to water, where you could see how the situation is in real life in some parts of the world. Below are a few moments from the day.

We encouraged all of our employees to #goblue and show their support for the cause. We are proud to be part of UNICEF*s work.

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