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Virus review: Covid-19 impact on hygiene and reusable textiles

TRSA’s Joseph Ricci gave a virus review and discussion about Covid-19 and hygiene in our CX Week webinar

A virus review on Covid-19 shows it is not easy to combat and remove the particles. Viruses are tough little things – they can remain active in fabrics 12-72 hours. The virus can also be transmitted to people through textiles. They are most effectively killed when textiles are washed in commercial laundries, by the professionals of the hygiene washing process.

In our CX Week Webinar, we heard and interesting presentation from President and CEO of TRSA, Joseph Ricci. Ricci emphasized how the demand for hygiene and reusable textiles have increased because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even when the worst of the pandemic seems to be behind us, we need to stay prepared for similar pandemics in the future.

He pointed out that the dependency on disposable products in healthcare during the pandemic turned out to be a challenge. There were pictures of healthcare professionals wearing trash bags and dish washing gloves. These alternative solutions were less than ideal. However, since the supply chain could not answer the high demand, they were necessary. Joseph Ricci highlights the importance of rotating inventory of reusable products that can offset such shortages during pandemics.

Ricci explains how hygiene and sustainability are not only driven by industry regulation and by compliance and liability. Rather also by the increasing demand from customers, end-users and consumers. The demand does not come only from hygiene-sensitive industries such as the healthcare industry. Cleanliness has also risen to the top of consumer demand in industries like the hotel and catering business.

See Joseph Ricci’s full presentation in the recording

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