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Beijing Institute of Biological Products – focus on COVID-19

Our rapid growth in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry continued in 2021 as we began co-operation with several leading pharmaceutical companies. One of those is the Beijing Institute of Biological Products (BBPI). They are the first institution engaged in the research of microbiology, immunology, and the production of epidemic prevention products in China on a large scale. Since passing the biosafety inspection in August 2020, they have become the first and predominant COVID-19 vaccine production enterprise in China. Due to the high demand for their products, they needed to expand their capacity fast. For this goal, their in-house laundry could not serve them anymore.

“We started looking for a qualified supplier. Our wish was to find a company who can offer a comprehensive solution with a good value proposition. This helps to enable us to focus more on our core business and meet the regulatory compliance requirements rapidly. Lindström has professionalism and in-depth understanding of pharmaceutical companies’ specific needs. Lindström also performed excellently in a quality audit. There were no critical findings during the audit,” explains Mr Chen, Operation Manager at BBPI.

“I really want to thank our own team for their support as well as Beijing Institute of Biological Products for trusting us. We are very proud of being able to help BBPI focus on their core business — which is highlighted in the current situation with the corona pandemic,” says Victor Wu, our Sales Director in China. Mr Chen also sees potential to expand the collaboration in the future to their six other plants. He expects Lindström to support their rapid growth with value-added and sustainable services. “Lindström has already helped us to pass several international audits, for example, for WHO and the EU GMP authority. I want to thank Lindström for their contribution to fighting against the COVID-19 virus together,” asserts Mr Chen. 

Cleanroom investments support growth and more sustainable operations at Beijing Institute of Biological Products

The growing number of pharmaceutical customers created the need to add capacity in Lindström’s Beijing service centre. In the past few years, the Shanghai cleanroom has acted as its backup to ensure continuous service to our customers in case of disruptions. They even took over all Beijing Cleanroom Service for 15 days during the corona pandemic lockdown in Beijing in 2020. However, the back-up laundry situated 1,200 km away poses challenges in terms of costs, time, and sustainable service.

The new capacity in the Beijing laundry enables Lindström to serve our customers better in case of disruptions and wash small batches in a more economical and environmentally friendly manner. Furthermore, to guarantee the quality of our service, Lindström re-organised the cleanroom workflows to prevent cross-contamination better. We will also upgrade our purified water system during 2022. “These measures help us serve the growing number of customers better and in a more sustainable way. It also guarantees the quality of our service. We are now in good shape to answer the growing demand for high-quality, sustainable Cleanroom Service,” shares Yanxun Fan. Fan is our Business Unit Director in North China. 

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