Are you looking to discover the most comfortable and practical lab coats for your team? At Lindstrom we pride ourselves on providing clients with the best fitting and smartest looking lab coats around.

  • 3/4 and full length sleeves available
  • Hidden press button closure
  • Breast pocket on left side
  • Two list side pockets
  • Phone pocket above the right side pocket
  • Adjustable back belt
  • Can be branded/personalised
  • Available as part of our rental & laundry service

Comfortable and durable Lab Coats

Working in the healthcare industry can be extremely challenging. No two days are every the same, but working long and arduous hours in time-sensitive conditions can be particularly stressful. The last thing you want is to be distracted by an ill-fitting lab coat. Fortunately, our breathable and hygienic lab coats have been created to let you work comfortably under intense pressure.

Save money and time using our rental and laundry service

Lindstrom boasts an effective rental workwear service that will help you identify the correct lab coats for you. Whether you are looking for a lab coat or a doctor’s lab coat, our experienced team will guide you through our professional collection of medical lab coats and provide the perfect product for your needs.