Workwear rental for the Automotive industry

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Workwear rental for the Automotive industry

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Mechanic Workwear

We have an extensive range of workwear rentals available as part of our service. Furthermore, each item of automotive workwear has been carefully designed to withstand the tough day-to-day activities of your industry as well as ensure safety standards.

Hi Vis Clothing

Many professions require hi vis clothing; it is essential in the workplace to make sure that staff members are visible and safe.

Mechanics Wipers

Our highly absorbent Mechanics Wipers have been specifically designed for use by automotive technicians and are ideal for settings such as car and Commercial vehicle workshops and service centres.


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Everything starts with care. From the way we talk to the way we treat and help others. It extends to how we think ahead to make choices that feel right and are smart about using resources. Expressing caring in our work has defined the Lindström culture since 1848. Making our care sensed in every thread. We are a textile service company dedicated to making our customers’ lives easier in Europe and Asia.

At Lindström, we help our customers grow their business with our expertise in and around textiles. We provide solutions that fit our customers’ businesses and staff. Our textile services combine smart practices, cost-efficiency and sustainability with a commitment to create value for our customers. We approach the tiniest fabric details and the broader view with care in every thread.

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