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Workwear Lockers & Storage

Workwear Lockers & Storage

Ensuring your workers always have clean workwear at hand is a requirement for all companies where teams use a uniform or PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). In conjunction with our workwear rental and laundry service, our workplace lockers give your business a convenient and professional solution.



The cycle of delivery, use, collection, maintenance, and laundry is utterly seamless. With workwear lockers, you never let your employee’s down, with clean garments to get their duties done safely, always at hand.

Store New & Used Workwear Separately

We supply five or ten-compartment workplace lockers, giving each worker his or her own compartment for storing their clean garments. We also provide separate collector workwear lockers for used items, keeping clean and dirty clothes separated.


With clean and used workplace lockers, there is no risk of contaminating clean workwear with dirt, odours, bacteria, or viruses. This is highly beneficial across industries, from healthcare to construction, automotive, and commercial kitchens.

How Our Workplace Locker Service Works

We fit all pieces of clothing for every employee, so that they always have the right size of workwear. Perfect fit prevents potential accidents at work, for example tripping and getting loose clothing stuck in machinery.

We repair and replace all damaged workwear to prevent ragged garments from causing safety hazards. During our laundry processes, we make sure the workwear remain their protective qualities.

We know the dangers in your profession and therefore our workwear collections are especially designed for specific industries so that they have the right kind of design and protective qualities for your work.