Catering Trousers Laundered, Repaired, And Replaced

Catering trousers rental is the most effective way to ensure your workforce looks professional and always has access to hygienically clean garments. Lindstrom’s range is designed to match food workers’ needs, created using only the highest-quality fabrics and materials. Catering trousers hire is a practical, cost-effective, and convenient solution that will allow your team to focus on food production and customer satisfaction.

When you choose Lindstrom’s catering trousers rental, your workers enjoy wearing practical workwear that is stylish and mirrors the fantastic produce that you create or use.


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The catering trousers rental includes items in all sizes, providing a comfortable fit that enables a full range of unrestricted motion, which is essential for this active role. The trousers were designed after in-depth discussions with leading catering officials, resulting in a range that meets the industry’s precise needs.

Our catering trousers rental service includes chef’s white trousers, with a fit and shape suitable for men and women. They are made from light and breathable fabrics that ensure wearer comfort, even in hot environments. The chef’s trousers are complemented with black catering trousers rental, and both items can be branded or personalised.


Catering Trousers Laundered, Repaired, And Replaced

Purchasing food and hospitality workers’ uniforms quickly becomes an expensive endeavour as workers join and leave your team. Costs soon mount as uniforms become damaged and need repairs or replacement. Furthermore, if food production and front-of-house staff only have access to one pair of trousers, this can lead to workers wearing their own inappropriate clothing, particularly after a food spill. 

When you rent catering trousers from Lindstrom, your team always has a supply of clean trousers and extras, ready at the start of every shift.

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  • Light, breathable fabric
  • Comfort fit to enable a full range of movement
  • Can be branded with company logos
  • Clean and hygienic