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How Our Workwear Laundry Service Can Help Fight COVID-19

The fight against COVID-19 continues. While precautions such as hand washing, social distancing, vaccination, and wearing face coverings are vital, we should not forget the transmission risks associated with clothing and workwear. Whether your team operates within the healthcare system, catering, hospitality, or retail, a professional workwear laundry service can eliminate traces of Coronavirus, which can otherwise survive on clothing for 24 to 72 hours.

If your business puts your staff in situations where their work clothing or uniform is likely to become contaminated with Coronavirus, then we recommend that you increase the frequency of your workwear laundry service. Clothing should be washed using a professional workwear laundry service before it is worn again.

Clean & Hygienic Workwear

High-temperature cleaning is unfortunately not reliably achievable by domestic washing machines. According to the latest update from the NHS and research undertaken by universities in the UK, workwear laundry at home only reduces the risk of virus transmission.

Our workwear laundry service cleans clothes at temperatures higher than 60C to kill all traces of Coronavirus. Even if your worker’s washing machine has a 60C setting, these temperatures are rarely achieved and increasingly less likely as the washing machine ages.

Our workwear laundry service uses certified washing processes with thermal disinfection at a minimum of 70C and is maintained for at least ten minutes. Where required, your workwear may be cleaned with chemo thermal disinfection, with lower temperatures saving energy and protecting the environment.

We have introduced strict process controls to prevent bio-contamination, measuring the pH, alkalinity, bleaching agents, and water temperature. Laundered workwear and uniforms are regularly tested to monitor the total bacterial count, to ensure our extremely high hygiene standards are maintained.

Our technicians follow strict working methods to avoid recontamination during the drying, inspection, repair and packing stages of the laundry process.

A Service You Can Trust

Our drivers wash and sanitise their hands regularly and only handle and touch necessary items. Protective gloves are worn to help keep our team and your workforce safe. We follow the same good-sense advice given by the government as you, asking any member of our team with Coronavirus symptoms or recent contact with an infected person, to stay at home and self-isolate to protect everyone else.

Our workwear rental and laundry solution is cost-efficient and ensures your employees always have access to hygienically clean uniforms. Workwear is collected and taken for laundry at the end of each shift, and hygienically clean workwear is delivered before the next shift begins. Clean and soiled workwear is always kept in separate packaging to ensure cross-contamination does not occur during collection, delivery, and transportation.

To discuss how our workwear laundry service can help your business fight COVID-19 or to increase the frequency of the service we already provide, please contact our team today.

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