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Tips On Removing Stains From Workwear

If you or your team are working with your hands on machinery or vehicles, then it is almost inevitable that your workwear will attract stains from dirt, oil, and grease. Here we take a look at tips on removing stain from your workwear.

Our first tip is white vinegar. White vinegar is excellent at removing stubborn stains on workwear, such as blood and grass. The white vinegar can be combined with a liquid laundry detergent to increase its effectiveness. You should allow the solution to work for a few minutes before rinsing it away.

If stains and odours remain after regular washing, then you can add coarse salt or table salt to your white vinegar solution to add an element of abrasiveness. If your workwear has many stains, you can soak the items overnight in a bucket or bowl filled with a solution of soda (2 litres of Coca-Cola), water, and laundry soap.


Removing Oil & Grease Stains At Home

Oil and grease stains are often the hardest to remove from your workwear.

Liquid dish soap (washing-up liquid) contains ingredients that break down and lift grease. You should apply the soap directly onto the workwear and use a toothbrush or a soft brush to scrub the stained area. You can leave the dish soap on the garment for one hour to give the anti-grease properties time to work.

For oil stain removal, you can apply a thick mixture of corn starch to the affected area and leave this for a quarter of an hour. You can then remove this using vinegar and a paper towel before rinsing or washing the workwear.

The most crucial tip is to, wherever possible, soak the stain straight away. If you wash your workwear and the stain persists, then do not put the clothing into a dryer because this will make the stain permanent.


How Our Laundry Service Can Help 

There is, of course, a limit to what you can achieve without specialist laundry equipment and washing processes. Our workwear rental and laundry service not only saves you buying the workwear for your workforce up-front but also ensures your team always has clean overalls, trousers, and tops.

Our workwear laundry service removes the burden of washing and stain removal from employees and ensures results are consistent across the whole workforce. When you outsource your workwear rental, you enjoy a workwear laundry service that operates on a frequency that suits you, flexing as demands rise and fall.

Lindstrom has the expertise and commercial-grade equipment to remove all stains, including grease, paint, and chemical dyes, without causing fading. All items are hygienically clean and delivered straight into your lockers before the work shift begins.

To discuss how our professional laundry and stain removal service can help you, get in touch with the team at Lindstrom.

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