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Industrial wiper service ensures fine quality printing

Newsprinters is a UK based printing company operating from three different locations around the country. The company specialises in high quality printing and operate a high demand service – over 29 million copies weekly.

Newsprinters’ portfolio includes a number of independent publishers as well as regional newspaper groups. They print newspapers such as The Times, The Sun, The Daily & Sunday Telegraph, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and many other titles.

Newsprinters’ Needs

The graphic industry is very demanding in terms of wipers and the absorption products used to clean the printers. The machines require constant maintenance in order to ensure fine quality printing. Newsprinters’ primary need was to ensure there are always high quality wipers available for printer maintenance. Absorption products need to be designed for the use of graphic industry to clean ink efficiently and to avoid leaving any fibres on the printing machinery.

In terms of workwear, Newsprinters was moved to change their  their uniform supplier because of their previous experience with poor workwear service. The company wanted a reliable supplier for all their employee workwear and to renew their company uniforms to better represent company image. Dark colours for work uniforms are one of the top priorities when working with printing machines and ink, even though the employees do wear additional protective clothing while maintaining the printing machines.


Our industrial wiper service guarantees the availability of clean wipers and rags. Wipers designed especially for the needs of the printing industry are the best solution for machine maintenance – they are efficient in cleaning tasks, absorbing ink and solvents, resulting in a high quality print finish.

We deliver clean wipers to Newsprinters every week and take the used rags into laundry. The reliability of our service ensures there are always enough wiping products in use. High quality printing demands constant maintenance work with a high demand for wiping products – the wipers cannot be allowed to run out.

We planned together with Newsprinters a unified workwear solution for the production staff. Dark colours ensure that the uniforms stay presentable for a long time despite possible ink stains. Not only are the new uniforms smart and represent a unified branded look, they are comfortable and easy to wear for everyday tasks.


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