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Workwear to stand out – manufactured to take the heat

Turvatiimi (AVARN Security) is a national Finnish security field company offering security services to private individuals, companies and organisations. The services of Turvatiimi include security and lobby services as well as surveillance technology solutions.

Lindstrom AVARN SecurityAVARN Security’s need

The workwear of a security guard must be both functional and recognisable. Workwear is an essential part of the guard’s work. It communicates to others who the guard is and why he/she is present. The guard must be able to run, go on all fours, climb and jump easily, so the clothing must be practical and functional.

A security guard often works in public. Well-fitting, good-looking clothing communicates that the employer cares for its employees. Usually, the name and logo of the employer are on display on workwear, so the clothing also builds the company’s brand in the minds of passers-by.

Clothing makes a security guard, and often just the appearance of a guard in uniform can calm a situation.


The guard’s workwear includes a jacket, shirt, trousers, equipment belt, protective vest and safety shoes. The clothing carries clear indications that it is worn by a guard.

A good cut and the well-considered placement of pockets are important in the clothing. The shirt must not come out of the trousers when hands are raised and the equipment must not block the pockets. The workwear of Turvatiimi also has excellent breathing properties because the temperature of the work environment may vary. Closable ventilation openings make the clothing work in different situations.

Many things can happen in the line of work a guard does so the clothing materials have been selected to withstand washing at a high temperature.

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