eLindström is a self-service environment where you can see real-time overview of your service and products and can perform workwear-related operations using your computer or any smart device.

In eLindström you can:

Monitor the movement of your workwear

Place orders, make returns and request modifications

View order & delivery status and service reports

Update your information and make queries

Get started with your user account:

We will send a letter with initial information concerning the user account to your company’s contact person of workwear service. After verifying the user account, the contact person can start adding users.

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Service and Instructions

With our workwear service, you can be sure that your employees always have enough clean and well-maintained work clothes on hand.

Lindström’s workwear service includes:

Workwear that meets the needs and standards of your industry

Weekly maintenance – washing and repairing of workwear

Weekly delivery of clean workwear

Digital self-service platform eLindström

Start your week with clean workwear. Once a week we deliver clean clothing to your place of business.

At the end of a week, collect soiled garments in a designated place – laundry locker or bag. While we bring clean clothing, we collect soiled garments and take them to be cleaned.

When using Lindström’s locker service, each employee has a personal shelf for clothing in the locker and a key to the shelf.


Each employee has several sets of  workwear which are in constant circulation.

One set is worn by the employee and the rest are either in the locker waiting to be used during the next working week or in laundry.

Amount of workwear rented and in circulation »

Sets             In use           Clean in         In
rented                                locker        laundry

3                         1                   1                    1

5                         1                   2                   2

7                         1                   3                   3

9                         1                   4                   4

11                        1                   5                   5

Lindström issues invoices retroactively every four weeks for the service consumed. Altogether we issue 13 invoices per year.

Payment for the service is based on the quantity of all rented workwear, not just the number of garments sent to laundry.

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Reminder to the user of workwear:

1) New week starts with clean clothing. The time of wearing the clothing is from Monday to Sunday, i.e., 1 calendar week. Dirty clothing must be placed in the designated location on the last working day of the week.

2) Workwear must be changed at the agreed frequency, not less often, not more often.

3) When soiled garments are sent to the laundry, please check carefully that no foreign objects (tools, money, razor blades) remain in pockets. Lindström OÜ is not responsible for items left in the pockets.

4) Do not change the marking of clothing! The label of the clothing must not be overwritten, as it contains all the necessary information for the service. If the employee’s data (department or locker number, etc.) changes, the garment must be sent to service and a service request (to re-label the garment) must be made in eLindström.

5) Clothing and other items not rented from Lindström may not be sent to the laundry. Lindström OÜ is not responsible for items sent to the laundry by mistake.

6) If your company is divided into departments, please send soiled garments to be serviced separately by departments.

7) If the label of the workwear has come off for some reason, please attach it temporarily, send the clothing to service and make a repair request in eLindström.

8) It is not allowed to fit the workwear yourself. If it is not possible to find suitable clothing from the existing size numbers, we can extend or shorten the sleeves and trouser legs (or a special size of clothing must be ordered). To make changes in sizes, make a respective service request (order modification to garment) in eLindström.

9) Workwear must be returned when the employment contract of the user ends or the size of workwear changes.


Reminder to the user of locker service:

1) Use the lockers rented from Lindström in a prudent manner.

2) There is no need to order new lockers in case of additional workwear orders. These are added to the order automatically.

3) Lockers are a part of the workwear rental service and keeping personal belongings in the lockers is prohibited. Lindström’s drivers and service attendants have the right to remove foreign objects from the lockers, as these prevent clothing from being distributed on the shelves and sharp objects can cause injuries.

4) The master key of the lockers is to be used only by the service contact person, who is responsible for ordering and returning the workwear.

5) One key of each shelf is for personal use only by the employee whose clothing is inside. The other key is the spare key, which is retained by the company’s contact person of the service.

6) When returning the lockers, please tape the keys (2 pcs) onto the shelves as they are when the lockers were delivered to you. Any locks with one or both missing keys must be compensated for.

7) It is not allowed to leave the keys in the doors and all shelves must be locked to prevent the loss of workwear.

8) There is a place for a name plate on each shelf door, where you can (if you wish) put the name of the employee who uses the clothing on the given shelf. Writing on the lockers with a felt-tip pen or any other pen will make the lockers unusable in the event of a later return and must therefore be compensated for. Intentionally damaged lockers (twisted doors, dents, stickers) must also be compensated for when returned.

Workwear service instructions

Workwear size charts »

In addition to viewing the size charts, we recommend trying on co-workers’ garments. Clothes fit people differently and this way you will have a more accurate understanding about correct size.

Each garment has a label with its unique ID-code and other necessary information for the operation of the service. You can use this information to identify specific garments and manage your workwear.

Reading the information on the garment label »

User groups, i.e., quality class numbers 6, 7 or 8, indicate the appearance of the workwear and the degree of permissible wear. When you place an order, quality class is automatically added to the garments, which has been agreed upon in advance and stipulated in contract.

User groups:

6th grade. The functionality and the protective properties of garments are paramount. Due to the nature of the work, the garments become dirty, worn, and torn frequently and easily. Clothing in circulation may have repairs, visible wear, and stains.

7th grade. Cleanliness is important in workwear appearance. Garments become dirty, worn, and torn during work less frequently. Clothes in circulation may have few stains, some wear, and repairs in invisible places.

8th grade. Extreme cleanliness and correctness are important in garment appearance.

Lindström Group Management System is in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015.

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