Packaging Workwear Solution – meeting the requirements of the packaging industry

The packaging industry has many different job areas and so needs many different types of workwear. At Lindstrom we have diverse and constantly updated workwear collections which help keep employees safe and comfortable in the workplace, therefore we are an excellent choice for your packaging workwear requirements. Our workwear rental is a flexible solution for demanding needs of the packaging industry.

At Lindstrom we will help you to plan a collection that is specific to the needs of your company, with mapping, designing and finally purchasing of the garments.

Our protective workwear has been designed to take into account many of the different standards found across fields of employment.

Factory workers need safe and functional workwear to protect them against workplace hazards and dangerous situations. We have a specific PacPro workwear collection designed especially for the needs of people working in different kind of packaging tasks. Useful workwear collections for the packaging industry would also be the WorkerPro collection which is practical, functional and gives ease of movement through good fitting. The HighVisPro collection would also be effective packaging industry workwear. This collection would suit job roles which require clear visibility of employees for safety purposes. The garments are certified to EN ISO 20471 standard for high visibility clothing.

If your employees are not working in the factory we also provide durable and well-fitting shirts, sweat shirts, polo shirts, trousers and jackets.

We will ensure that the workwear fits your employees by enacting fittings and measurement changes. Once the rental workwear is in use by your workforce, we wash, maintain, repair, renew and store it for you. Every week we will deliver the clothing to your designated place. We can also deliver directly into workwear lockers for the employees.

We believe we are the best solution for your packaging workwear rental needs!


We have paid particular attention to the practicality and fit of our workwear. Our workwear designed for demanding professional use meets the toughest requirements of employees in terms of both functionality and looks. Our protective clothing are certified products that meet authority and safety requirements.



We take care of clothing maintenance, repair and replacement. You can be sure that the properties of our products remain at the agreed level even in demanding use. With the help of our services, you make sure that your employees always have clean workwear and industrial wipers available.


We make sure on your behalf that your company’s workwear are always meeting the standards and always available for your use. With our Industrial wiper service you prevent hazardous waste from contaminating nature, since all waste is collected in our laundry and disposed of appropriately. Our service centres have been granted the ISO 14001 environmental certificate.