Multi-functional Engineers Trousers

Make sure your employees stay safe in the workplace with the finest range of engineer trousers from Lindström. Our high-skilled team has created effective multi-pro clothing which is perfect for people working in a wide selection of industries.

Our rental engineer’s trousers are designed to meet the latest standards, and high-quality manufacturing ensures they are fit for purpose. These work trousers are ideal for a range of industries that employ aircraft engineers, electricians, welders, or maintenance staff.

The engineer’s trousers can be branded and customised with your company’s logo to create a cohesive and professional appearance across your workforce. The workwear is comfortable and well-fitting, always presenting your company in the best light.

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Protecting Your Workers

Protecting your works from hazards, dirt, and oil, is essential and our engineer’s trousers are designed to do just that. The engineering work pants are flame retardant and antistatic. They are durable and hard-wearing, with a range of pockets where engineers need them.

Detachable knee pads protect the engineer’s trousers during groundwork and ensure your worker’s knees are protected. The hi-visibility stripes are positioned on the legs and help vehicle drivers and equipment operators see your workers.

Why You Should Rent Your Workwear

Renting workwear is a great option for companies of all sizes. With your engineers supplied with the right gear when they need it, you have a care-free service that lets you focus on running your business.

Lindstrom’s cost-efficient solution ensures your team has clean and maintained engineer’s trousers at the start of every shift. We make sure the engineer is prepared for the task at hand with clean engineer’s trousers placed in your lockers, ready for use. This is also a more sustainable solution that is kinder to the environment.

Lindstrom’s team offers full assistance with fitting and alterations, such as shortening the trouser legs. We ensure every worker looks smart and professional while enjoying the comfort and protection they deserve.

  • Flame retardant and antistatic.
  • Range of pockets
  • Detachable knee pads
  • Hi-visibility stripes on the legs
  • Customisable with your company logo

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