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Varuboden Osla

Workwear rental service supports quality customer service

It has been profitable for us to outsource the work clothes services to professionals and focus on our own core business

Anette Stolpe’s work day starts as usual. She heads to the locker room and opens the locker to find her uniform of the day – work clothes with the company look that are clean, the right size and ready-to-wear. Working as the cash register manager at S-market Tammisaari, neat and work-appropriate clothes are a must for Anette. This everyday superhero may not try to save the world, but she puts her heart into her daily work and customer service.

Many industries – one workwear provider

S-market Tammisaari is part of Varyboden Osla regional co-op, that operates on the western and southern coast of Finland from Loviisa to Pukkila, and all the way to Åland. There are many branches – markets, ABC-service stations, restaurants, department stores, and hardware stores are all part of the chain. Varied industries have, however, not been an obstacle but more a reason for centralizing work clothes services.

“We send work clothes to about 40 places and for almost a thousand employees. Obviously, we value smooth and effortless service. Lindström’s digital services and Helpdesk support make the service effortless. Things always get sorted and feedback gets a good response”, says Bengt Vinberg, Varuboden Osla’s co-op branch manager.

The customership between Varuboden Osla and Lindström has gone on for years, and over time, their cooperation has become efficient and smooth for both parties.

“Lindström has been able to provide us with competitive prices, good service, and quality textiles. It has been profitable for us to outsource the work clothes services to professionals and focus on our own core business.” – Bengt Vinberg, co-op branch manager, Varuboden Osla

The cooperation isn’t limited to just workwear rental service, but almost all textile and hygiene services are procured from the same provider.

“We’re basically using the full range of services, including work clothes services, carpets and a wide variety of hygiene products. For years, we have been cooperating with Lindström and we have been very satisfied.”

Satisfied customers and good work community motivate

Anette Stolpe is a true everyday superhero. Her job as the cash registry manager at the Tammisaari S-market includes a variety of tasks. The rush and, responding to the customers’ needs and limited resources, bring challenges to the work, but the most rewarding thing is to see the results of your work.

“The best thing about my job is when the customer and I are both happy. Also, the work community naturally has a lot of an effect on how enjoyable the work is.” -Anette Stolpe, cash register manager, S-market Tammisaari

When there’s always enough clean, intact work clothes available, and they’re individually delivered to each worker’s locker, it’s a nice start for the day and it’s a pleasure to serve the customers.

“I think the workwear service has worked well. It’s pretty convenient when you can just slip into your clean work clothes every morning and you don’t have to worry about bringing them home to wash. The fact that the clothes are delivered straight to your locker is also a plus.”

Workwear rental service enables smooth work every day

At its best, the workwear service is an invisible helper in the everyday life of employees, and the delivery, washing and maintenance works like magic. This is exactly the smooth, easy operation of a service that Varuboden Osla appreciates.

“The delivery and maintenance chain must be unbreakable and the running service must work all the time. When processes work, we save time and our employees are happy”, Vinberg summarizes.

For Anette and other everyday superheroes, the workwear service means clean and intact work clothes, in which they can do their everyday work. This quality gear helps ordinary people do extraordinary things – that’s why we call them everyday superheroes.

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