Businesses across all sectors use work clothing to protect their workforce and keep them safe. However, many are unsure about whether to rent or buy and the advantages of workwear rental.

When you rent workwear, your company can avoid outlaying expenditures that can quickly put a strain on budgets. Workwear rental and laundry services help businesses stop wasting money and protect their bottom line.

Protecting employees from hazards with workwear and PPE has become even more crucial in light of the current coronavirus pandemic. Many firms need a solution to manage their health and safety effectively, and hygienically cleaned clothing is vital.


Workwear rental is a personal service that is highly adaptable, and the supply can change as business demands shrink and expand. This is a cost-effective solution that can instantly respond to staff going on or returning from furlough.

Work clothing can present a great company image with a professional uniformed look. Correctly sized and comfortable for workers of any shape, your business can boost staff morale and loyalty and increase their productivity.

The benefits far outweigh the costs, and many businesses find workwear rental surprisingly affordable. Workwear hire is now the most sensible solution, with garments delivered to the worker’s locker automatically.

Benefits of Renting With Lindstrom

When your rent with Lindstrom, you will reduce your admin and save time by putting stock management in our experts’ hands. Our fee covers supply, collection, and laundry, and this is a fantastic way to avoid that large initial investment in workwear.

Lindstrom supports businesses with returns in response to COVID-19 and can instantly adapt your supply as shifts and work patterns change. Our high-quality clothing is made to last and is freshly laundered for every shift. We take care of repairs, maintenance, and replacement, giving you more time to focus on running your business.


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