Its October 5th 2018! Which is best known as international manufacturing day, and we thought it would be a prime opportunity to showcase our involvement in such a dominant industry.

Our rental workwear service for the manufacturing industry helps protect our customers workforce. Now, a common question raised is why rent when you can buy? Until our customers realise that renting means less stress for both you, and the environment. It also means that you don’t have to invest a ton of money in workwear stock. Instead, you’ll always have the optimal amount of clean, safe and smart looking workwear ready for use. When your needs change, which is often the case with seasonal workforce changes, our service can easily be adjusted to accommodate. It simple terms, our service ensures better workwear management at a transparent and affordable cost.

In the manufacturing industry its so important that you protect your workforce! And we’ve got protection covered. With our rental workwear service you can ensure that employees have enough clean and safe workwear. Our collections have been designed together with the end users, making sure that functionality serves many different industries, such as manufacturing!

Lets take a look at our collections for the manufacturing industry:


Strong and durable solution for protection against welding sparks, spatter and molten iron splashes.

Ideal durable solution when high visibility and good protection against dirt is required (dirt reduces visibility)

Functional workwear for every worker, we ensure that you always have smart looking and tidy workwear.


Our workwear services guarantees that your workwear always meets the latest industry standards and regulations, which saves you one less task! To add to that, our laundry process ensures the workwear remains their protective qualities throughout their lifecycle, which you can’t guarantee if you are buying the stock!

To find out more information about how we can provide a workwear solution for you, then get in touch with our sales team!