Industrial wipers and rags are part of a daily routine for many. If a surface becomes soiled with dirt, residue or grease it needs to be cleaned. Industrial cleaning rags take away the dirt leaving the surface clean and the user able to continue with their work.

If an employee is cleaning surfaces for others or each person takes care of their own space, industrial cleaning cloths will be something you are familiar with. But how do you know which solution is best? You want something that will do the job properly but is also cost-effective.

Industrial blue paper rolls

Industrial blue roll is a common sight in many companies. A quick, simple solution to spills and dirt. The perforated sheets tear off and soak up anything you don’t want on the surface. Once used they are then disposed of.

While it may seem like an inexpensive way of dealing with industrial cleaning, the blue roll is not necessarily the best choice. The paper has to be disposed of so it adds to your company waste collection. Residue or grease may need to be handled differently to standard waste, for example, blue centre feed roll may not be ideal when considering wipers for mechanics or printers. If you are using a lot of blue roll in your company, the financial and environmental costs can be too high.

Industrial wipers

A new solution for replacing industrial rags is to use industrial wipers. By choosing cotton wipers you have a solution that is absorbent and easy to use. Our wipers are easily stored and include a convenient disposal method once they become dirty. We collect all of the wipers and handle them properly. You get peace of mind that all materials on the wipers are disposed of in the correct way.

Our industrial wipes are available for rent as part of our wiper service so you don’t have to pay out a large initial cost for stock. Using industrial wipers means that your company waste is reduced and you have a fit for purpose cleaning solution. A fixed cost each month makes it easier for you to manage your budget more effectively.