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Questions To Ask Your Team When Choosing A Uniform

There are significant benefits for companies who issue their staff with a workwear uniform. Wearing a workwear uniform might keep workers safe, aid them in their duties, and create a professionally consistent brand image, increasing pride, motivation, and your standing with clients and partners.

It is crucial to consider the needs of your team members and not solely focus on the team’s appearance. To do this, you need to listen to their voice, but where do you begin when seeking valuable insights and feedback?

Here we look at the questions you should ask your team when choosing a workwear uniform.

How Many Items Are Required For Your Weekly Scheduled Shift Pattern?

Your whole team might work the same predictable shift pattern, but more often than not, your workforce consists of part-time and full-time employees working a broad range of hours each week. When determining the scope of your workwear inventory, it helps to document the individual’s number of work hours and the number of days they work each week.

If you have office workers, the likelihood of their uniforms becoming soiled or dirty is probably lower than those who work in a factory or warehouse. It helps to record the role type for each employee and if they work indoors, outdoors, or both.

What Are The Most Common Challenges From The Current Uniform/Non-Uniform?

The reason for introducing new workwear uniforms is often because the current uniform or your employee’s regular clothes do not stand up to the challenges of the job. It would help if you asked your employees about their frustrations with their current workwear, including issues such as tearing easily or a restricted fit that is uncomfortable or makes it difficult for the worker to move around.

You will undoubtedly want to hear about any concerns your workers may have if you introduce a workwear uniform for the first time. You may want to show your team the workwear you have in mind before you go ahead and place your order. Valuable feedback is often more forthcoming if you speak to your team on a one-to-one basis, away from the pressures of speaking out in front of a group

What Functionality Do You Think Needs To Be Incorporated To Help You With Your Job?

Improving productivity and performance can be as straightforward as having an industrial workwear uniform with pockets for tools or knee pockets for padding when working on the ground.

Alternatively, your workers may need safety workwear made from a special fabric or PPE (personal protective equipment) to reduce the risk of injury or illness. Welders usually need fire-resistant workwear, while warehouse or yard workers might need high visibility clothing. Those working in hot environments such as commercial kitchens might desire clothing made from breathable fabric or a full-coverage uniform to meet hygiene standards.

Productivity can also be enhanced by distinguishing between teams or roles with specific uniform colours. For example, in a production-based setting, you would want to make it clear who is an engineer so machine operators know who to turn to if equipment malfunctions.

What Is The Normal Lifespan Of Your Workwear?

The average lifespan of workwear or how often it needs laundering plays a crucial role in determining whether to buy or rent your workwear. For most companies, the initial and ongoing costs of supplying workwear for a team puts costs well outside their preferred operational budget.

A workwear uniform rental and laundry service is a more cost-effective and budget-friendly solution. Lindstrom can assist you in every step required to get up and running, from calculating the number of uniforms of each size and fit to the frequency of laundry, inspections, and repair.

To discuss your workwear uniform rental requirements, please contact our team today.

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