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Working Outdoors In Winter

Cold, dark, and wet weather is upon us, and for those who work outside, this can be a pretty miserable time. It is important to dress for the weather circumstances, and if your team’s winter workwear is not up for the job, then your business and its workforce will suffer.

The main concerns are staying warm, dry, and visible. By meeting these challenges, your staff will be comfortable, happy, and productive, even when there are ice and snow on the ground, or the heavens open.

By providing good-quality winter workwear, you are protecting your workers’ health, which will reduce sick day numbers. Whether you have a team of vehicle mechanics or warehouse operatives working with open doors or have staff that are always outdoors, the right outdoor Workwear is essential.

Staying Safe & Warm This Winter

Staying safe and warm during freezing temperatures is achieved foremost by wearing cold-weather clothing. Your workers should have quality winter workwear, including winter jackets, overalls, and a hat. Wool socks are a good choice, and wearing layers of winter workwear, at least three, is a tried and tested strategy.

Your team should stay hydrated and eat enough calories to help their bodies keep them warm. Consuming hot food and drinks and keeping moving are also superb ways of staying warm.

Our Workwear Rental

You can buy or rent workwear, but there are distinct advantages on the side of workwear hire. Your workforce is always well kitted out with clean, laundered clothes at the start of every shift. Your business avoids the costs of purchasing winter workwear outright, and you don’t need to worry about maintenance.

We have a huge range of work clothing made from top quality materials. These prioritise warmth, comfort, and visibility with hi-vis overalls, insulated jackets, and winter hoods. Our hiring service is a bespoke solution tailored to your needs and workers of any size or shape.


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