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Why All Mechanics Should Be Using Industrial Wiper Rags

Mechanics wiper rags are indispensable in many industries and are regularly used in automotive garages, maintenance workshops, manufacturing, and production. Wherever a mechanic works, there is inevitably a need to remove dirt residue and grime, wick up liquids, and wipe away solvents or oils.

Mechanics wiper rags are used day-in-day-out by those who offer on-the-road vehicle repair or shop-based maintenance. Whether your business is rebuilding small engines in motorbikes, repairing factory equipment, or servicing HVAC systems or heavy vehicles such as tractors, buses, or aircraft, mechanics wiper rags always need to be within easy reach.

Industrial wipers perform many times better than disposable rags and allow you to quickly respond to spills and leaks as you work on brakes, transmissions, suspension, tyres, and exhaust systems. Industrial mechanics wiper rags are heavy enough to hold liquids such as grease and oil and are significantly more robust than paper and disposable rags. In fact, a high-quality cotton rag can be 3x thicker and 4x more absorbent.


A Safe & Hygienic Option

Reusable mechanics wiper rags are an essential part of daily operations and provide a safe and hygienic solution for cleaning away industrial dirt and hazardous waste.

Best practices dictate that contaminated cloths should be deposited into collection bins for laundering to the highest-standards. By choosing reusable mechanics wiper rags, you reduce the amount of waste created by your business, which is good for the environment and sustainability.

Where needed, you can use colour-coded rags to avoid cross-contamination issues. Colour coding helps mechanics prevent problems such as using a rag contaminated with metal filaments on a painted surface, causing marking and scratching.


Our Industrial Wiper Rental Service

Lindstrom’s industrial wiper rental service solves the challenges mechanics and businesses face by providing high-quality industrial wipers that can be laundered and re-issued for use.

You should choose our rental service if you are searching for a cost-efficient solution where there is no large initial investment or replacement costs. Our wiper rental service is a proven solution that lowers the total cost of ownership, helping you to keep more of your hard-earned profit within your business.

We provide a carefree service that lets you say goodbye to the hassle and time of stock management. Furthermore, we fulfill your legal obligations for disposing of hazardous waste, ensuring you are always compliant with the latest standards, laws, and regulations.

Our mechanics rags are highly absorbent and manufactured using 100% cotton with a tight weave that is ideal for the industry’s heavy demands. Made from European cotton, our industrial wipers are far more absorbent than those sourced from the Far East. With fewer transportation miles, we also help you lower your carbon footprint.

Our range of wipers includes precision blue, standard, and superior rags, fulfilling the broadest spectrum of tasks. Our rental service is flexible, providing clean wipers delivered before they are needed while adjusting supply to match rising and falling demand.

For more information on how our mechanics wiper rags can help your business achieve its goals, please contact our friendly team of experts.


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