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Taking the circular economy a step further

At Lindström we want to change waste into value. Our basic business idea is strongly built on the basic principles of a circular economy, which is emphasised even more with one of our new products, the Binda apron. 

We are constantly looking for new ways of being more responsible in order to reduce the negative impacts on the environment. With the circular economy being the backbone ​​of our daily work, some sustainable innovations come naturally. Some are more farfetched, but somehow, they still work. When the lifecycle of a product is maximised, it’s a bit easier to make the planet smile and be happy. This one right here is one of those products.

Apron ⏩ back bag

Have you ever thought of turning your apron into a back bag? We neither, but this somehow happened. Without further prolonging, below you can see how the idea and product actually works.  ​

And that’s the way it works. The apron comes in modern and always-stylish grey. Contrast stitching makes sure that the details really pop, making the user stand out of the crowd.

The trendy look does not rule out comfort. The ergonomic shoulder straps make sure that your back or neck won’t start aching, no matter whether this beauty is in the form of an apron or a back bag. No need to compromise on looks or comfort.

You like big pockets and cannot lie? These spacious pockets keep your belongings with you, and there are even separate compartments for pens in order to write your number on the receipt. Sustainability has never been so convenient.

The apron is now available in three different sizes: S, M and L. With this apron the user can already know what’s the next step for the uniform during its journey within the circular economy. Long and happy cycle ahead.

​With us, more is less: more extended life cycles, less burden on our planet. Choose the circular economy way.  ​

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