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Printer Cloths & Wipers Which Give You A High-Quality Print

Maintenance and proper cleaning using printer wipers are essential in industrial printing if a high-quality print is to be achieved. Any flaw in the process can result in costly downtime, making the quality of the printer wipers absolutely essential.

Print production environments have unique demands, and a one-size-fits-all approach is certainly not the best route to take. To get those high-quality results, you need a mix of standard and high-performance printer cloths to tackle different cleaning and maintenance jobs.

Your regular print room tasks likely include removing inks, toner, solvents, and chemicals from rollers, print heads, trays, plates, and dampers. You need printer cloths that are tough and highly absorbent if you are to effectively wipe away ink residue, oil, and grease spillages.

A Clean Print Every time

The goal of any print environment is to achieve a clean print every time. However, achieving this gold standard can be tricky if your print room uses inferior ink cleaning cloths.

One of the biggest causes of costly re-runs is traces of dust and lint, which can be left behind after cleaning or maintenance. Low lint non-shedding printer wipers are the solution because they do not separate or shred while in use. The low lint characteristic of industrial ink wipers is crucial for not leaving fibres or dust behind on the surface.

Superior printer wipers should always be your first choice for sensitive cleaning. Low lint printer cloths ensure you are left with a clean and dry surface, so you do not need to worry about lint contamination.

Help Maintain Your Industrial Printing Equipment

Lindstrom understands the unique challenges of maintaining your industrial printing equipment. We recognise that hitting your production deadlines on time and budget is vital. This is why we created a printer wiper rental service for small print companies, franchises, and large industrial or commercial printing presses.

Our rental service helps you keep operational costs down by removing your need to purchase new printer cloths continually. With a replenishment schedule that mirrors your demand, you know your printing staff and maintenance engineers will never run out of stock.

Our superior and standard printer cloths are made from cotton and include processed and semi-bleached ink wipers. Our 100% cotton print cloths are thermally stable and solvent resistant. Furthermore, they absorb up to six times more liquid compared to other regular wipes.

These items are extremely tough and can be washed, sterilised, and reused many times, making them a solid green choice for any environmentally conscious printing business. The cotton is sustainably sourced and biodegradable, protecting the planet every step of the way.

When your print business joins our rental service, we provide complimentary bins for your team to place soiled printer wipers in, ready for collection. Lindstrom collects the used cloths, which are then laundered to strict industry standards.

To find out more about our printer cloths and wipers and how we can help you reduce your operating costs, please contact our team on 01234 480 367 or at info.uk@lindstromgroup.com.


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