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Lindstrom’s Making Sure Our Key Workers Keep On Moving

The current coronavirus crisis has clearly illustrated who the real heroes are in society. It’s not the bankers or lawyers, footballers, pop stars or celebrities who command vast salaries. It’s the lowly-paid NHS staff who are fighting Covid-19 on the front line. It’s the shop workers who continue to feed the nation, the cleaners, who are determined to keep items and surfaces clean, and the delivery drivers, who are hitting the road to ensure the public continues to receive their goods and necessities.

At Lindstrom, we are immensely proud of those key workers who are prepared to put the health and safety of others ahead of their own. This includes our mechanics, who continue to maintain our fleet of delivery vehicles that allows us to provide essential workers with top quality workwear, our devoted delivery drivers and those working tirelessly in production. As a company, we salute each and every one of you for your efforts at this time.

Repairing, servicing and maintaining commercial delivery vehicles and emergency service vehicles is a demanding and dirty job for mechanics. Working with grease, oil and dirt is common for mechanics doing their best to keep cars, vans and trucks on the road. Mechanics know that working with motor vehicles all day will involve getting their hands and clothes dirty. If they are a public-facing company, they will also know that having access to hygienically clean mechanic workwear and industrial wipers will enhance the reputation of their business.

At Lindstrom, we provide car mechanics with a wide range of clothing items that protect them in their job. Our mechanic workwear rental and laundry service ensures your team receives the correct type of mechanic shirts and automotive uniforms. Our expert team will help you select the correct workwear for your needs, including work in body shops, die-maintenance & casting, stamping & paint shops, as well as for customer service.

We pride ourselves in making sure every member of your team will be able to access comfortable and protective mechanic clothing by measuring them beforehand. We will then get to know your business and determine how many items per day your team will require in order to ensure they have access to fresh and clean work clothes every day. And if any items become damaged, we will take them away to be repaired or replaced.

Whether you are looking for mechanic trousers, jackets or overalls, we have produced the finest range of clothing for mechanics. Made from the finest materials and designed for comfort and practical needs, our garments will ensure your team can focus on the job at hand.

Our industrial wiper division provides products and services for the handling of industrial dirt and hazardous waste, through a wide range of wipers and floor care products. We can ensure your garages are free of potential dangers caused by leaks and spills. From industrial wipers to absorbent mats, we have you covered.

Mechanics play a crucial role in keeping the UK moving. They are on hand to repair and service our vehicles, doing the dirty jobs that we either can’t or won’t do. At this critical moment in our history, mechanics deserve our utmost gratitude for keeping those key workers moving. You have our utmost respect and admiration.

If you require more details about our mechanic uniforms, workwear rental and laundry service or information about our industrial wipers, please call 01234 480 367 or email info.uk@lindstromgroup.com today.

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