Anti static workwear is essential in many industries and is a core component in ensuring your staff remain safe. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can be lethal, and there are more than fifty major incidents per year in the UK caused by static electricity.

Sudden electrostatic discharge can be dangerous and costly, causing fire, explosion, injury, or death. To eliminate and control the static build-up, workers must use anti static workwear clothing because non-anti static workwear can cause a sudden spark.

To protect your employees, premises, and assets, you should ensure your industrial safety supplies include anti static fire retardant workwear. 


Safety Measures 

Static electricity is produced in industrial facilities and naturally in the environment. It occurs when there are chemical or physical changes, causing a build-up that can result in a spark,

Your employees should wear anti static workwear and ESD shoes if they work in hazardous environments, such as refineries. These garments should also be worn in any industry that deals with petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, ammunition, flammable liquids, gas, fuel vapour, coal dust, or electrical components.

Whether your team works with electricity directly or indirectly, friction between surfaces and standard clothing causes an accumulation of static electricity. This itself is enough to create a spark or cause static shock, so safety measures such as wearing anti static workwear are vital.

The correct safety clothing is absolutely essential for people working with objects, machinery, or equipment that can’t be disconnected from the electricity source. ESD garments work by dispersing electrical charges into the ground, keeping the worker and your assets safe.

In explosive atmospheres, your safety measures should also include removing all sources of potential ignition. In extremely sensitive environments, anti static workwear can also include the use of ESD gloves. 


Our Quality Anti-Static Workwear 


Our workwear rental service includes quality anti static workwear that is highly effective at stopping sparks caused by electrical discharge. Made from anti-static yarns and flame retardant materials, the clothing is designed to cover all non-compliant clothing and materials, including buttons and zippers.

Our range includes trousers, ESD jackets, shirts, and overalls, and these items are available in sizes for workers of any shape, tall, short, full-figured, and thin. The clothing is comfortable to wear over long shifts and has practical pockets positioned conveniently and with industry needs in mind.

The tops and bottoms incorporate reflective bands to keep workers visible and safe. You can create a uniformed and professional-looking team with a range of colours to suit your brand image.

Our rental and laundry service is a cost-effective solution to providing work clothing to employees, delivered in advance of your needs. The items are collected on a regular schedule and hygienically cleaned, ensuring everyone looks professional at all times and removing the need for home laundering.

For more information on how Lindstrom can take the hassle out of managing a workwear inventory, please contact a member of our team today. 

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