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How our hygienically clean healthcare uniforms can help reduce the spread

A hygienic working environment is essential, and in the healthcare industry, it’s vital. With the rising concern over the spread of the coronavirus, hygiene practices are becoming more critical. While your staff will no doubt be well-trained in infection control and proper hygienic working methods, a hygienically clean uniform can also help.

Preventing coronavirus spread in the workplace

As more and more cases of the coronavirus are reported, people are becoming more concerned about infection. In the healthcare industry, there are many practices and procedures in place to prevent the disease from spreading. For both staff and visitors, it is a good idea to remind everyone of the best ways to stop coronavirus spreading. These include:

  • Cover the nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing
  • Dispose of used tissues immediately
  • Wash hands with soap and water regularly (or use hand sanitiser if water is not available)

Hygienic healthcare uniforms

Your medical staff will be well aware of infection control procedures, and the nurses’ uniforms and healthcare workwear should be part of the consideration. Contact with patients and visitors can cause germs to transfer to lab coats, medical scrubs, or nurses’ uniforms.

Healthcare uniforms that are hygienically clean will help reduce the risks of infections and germs spreading. Providing staff with medical uniforms helps make sure they have the right clothing, and using a uniform service makes sure it is appropriately cleaned.

A medical uniform service provides staff with clean, hygienic uniforms that are sanitised following the strictest hygiene and safety requirements. At Lindstrom, we use specific machines to deal with medical uniform cleaning. It prevents cross-contamination and allows us to clean the workwear effectively. Clean medical uniforms are transported back to you in specific packaging to ensure they stay hygienically clean, ready for your medical staff to wear.

Using a medical uniform service helps your staff in many ways. They will feel part of the team but also don’t have to worry about cleaning their uniforms or medical scrubs. Having the workwear professionally cleaned prevents staff from taking clothing home and possibly spreading infection.

Why use a healthcare uniform service from Lindstrom?

  • Cost-efficient
  • Clean uniforms always available
  • Uniforms are hygienically clean

If you are considering a healthcare uniform service, we can help. Our workwear rental service is a cost-effective solution to make sure your staff has the correct clothing for work. Hygienically clean uniforms are delivered and ready for nurses, doctors, and staff to start each day.

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