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How Dispensers Will Change The Way You Use Wipers

Managing a supply of industrial wipers and the waste they cause has always been an issue for businesses operating across a broad range of industries, including the manufacturing and automotive sectors. Managing a supply of wipers for cleaning up oil, grime, and dirt can be a challenge that consumes time, money, and resources.

However, there is a more straightforward and practical way to manage this housekeeping process. Cloth wipers in dispensers are the ideal way to distribute industrial wipers and a convenient way to reduce waste and control consumption.

Dispensers keep wiper rags clean and protected until they are needed for handling industrial dirt, spills, and leaks, to help prevent slips, trips, and falls and maintain clean premises and a professional image for workers, business partners, clients, and visitors.

A hygienic Wiper Service

Disposable wipes cause a very real environmental problem. So, it makes sense for businesses to switch to cloth wipers that can be laundered and recycled.

Our industrial cloth wipers provide a quality-controlled, cost-competitive solution that saves you time and money, reducing waste volumes and disposal costs. The hassle-free service sees the wiper supply topped-up in dispensers on a schedule that suits your demand.

Lindstrom collects the used industrial wipers and handles your hazardous waste responsibly. We clean the industrial wipers at our laundering facility, removing waste streams caused by single-use wipes. Our environmentally aligned processes ensure 100% water recycling, with no waste discharged into the sewer system.

Our process is certified according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard. This hygienic wiper service encompasses all elements, from collecting the dirty industrial wipers to delivering clean replacements, helping you maintain premises that are always clean, thanks to a sufficient wiper supply.

Our Range Of Wiper Dispensers

Our range of Wipe-Smart wiper dispenser units includes the Mini, Pod, and Maxi models. This is a full rental service, so there are no up-front costs on your side, merely a low monthly rental fee.

These industrial wiper units combine the dispenser and collector dust bin in one unit with a practical self-closing letterbox that improves housekeeping and eliminates the risks of improper use.

The Wipe-Smart units are durable, metal floor-standing dispensers with an easy-to-clean stain-proof finish. They are manufactured from high-quality zinc sheet metal and zinc-coated mild steel, blending durability with a professional design and finish.

The wiper dispensers are serviced on an agreed schedule, where they are quickly emptied and refilled without disrupting your business operations.

We alleviate all compliance concerns with a product and service that is in-line with the latest regulations and new directives from insurance companies. Our wiper service also helps you improve your ISO14001 accreditation.

To discuss how our dispensers will change the way you use wipers, please contact our team.

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