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Frontline staff and protecting your family during the coronavirus

The coronavirus COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on society and the economy. With many businesses closed or operating with staff working from home, the risks of catching or spreading the virus are minimised. But what about the frontline staff and their families?

Protecting your frontline staff and their families is of paramount importance. Frontline staff includes those working in healthcare and the NHS, as well as other essential roles such as in cleaning or food supply. These workers need to be protected so that they can continue with their duties and maintain essential services. They also need protection to ensure they do not spread the virus and cause unnecessary loss of lives.

Critical in the fight of protecting frontline staff and their families are hygienic workwear.

Hygienic workwear

When it comes to providing NHS staff and medical personnel with workwear, hygiene is essential. Our hygienic workwear is cleaned to the highest standards, eradicating bacteria and viruses.

Our medical clothing and healthcare uniforms are designed to be hard wearing and comfortable. Specialist medical clothing for men and women has to stand up to a lot. Long hours, all day on your feet, and always being on the go can be tough for your medical scrubs, tunics, and cleanroom uniforms. Due to this, our hygienic workwear is made from durable material that is comfortable to wear during long shifts.

We provide hygienic healthcare uniforms, and we focus on every part of the process to ensure clothing is cleaned to strict safety standards. Our medical clothing laundry process is based on microbiological cleanliness management that is in accordance with EN 14065. Healthcare workwear is cleaned at high temperatures using pathogen removing washing chemicals. We wash medical uniforms in separate machines to prevent cross-contamination.

Our team is trained to the highest standards and carry out duties efficiently and safely. Clean medical uniforms are packed separately during transportation to ensure they are not contaminated. Scrubs, medical tunics, and healthcare uniforms for cleaning are collected and transported independently to reduce potential contamination risks.

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